Please feel free to add as many items to the shopping basket as you like,the shipping fee is calculated based on each item weight and fee is therefore displayed correctly.If for any reason basket will charge more than required the extra shipping cost will be charged back to your Paypal or bank account ,Please note that we do not intend to make a profit on shipping cost as other companies do,and we always are very touchy about shipping cost,trying to save you a buck here and there.

What payments do we accept

We are accepting the paypal payment or international bank transfer,the transfer takes normally 1-5 days to clear

What kind of shipping service do you use

We are shipping goods via standard post office to avoid high shipping costs and extra paperwork for us and for you our dear customer.We had good experience using that service in the past and are looking to use that service in the future.
However we are experimenting with DPD courier at the moment,as parallel to the standart post.Please note that some countries do not work with DPD or the DPD courier may be very expensive.However it works well with packages over 10kg

What about shipping delays

Regarding the current situation of Corona virus emergencies,international shipping takes longer than anticipated,and varies from country to country.Usually,please expect double to tripple time involvement of shipping,but that can be the worst case scenario.In many countries,shipping is normal or next to normal.

When will my item be shipped

We are striving to ship next day if the item is in stock normally and mostly,and we are very keen to hold up our part of the deal.If the item that you desire  is not in stock,will manufacture it for you gladly and then ship it whenever it become available.

What about when I feel the shipping takes too long

If you feel like the shipping takes too long and /or item may be lost in transit please contact us without hesitation on our mail  or you can use the contact form on our home page.As said before,the shipping takes longer than anticipated for various reasons/holidays,corona,strikes/but generally,we do keep the track of the events in the world and we always advice to the customers.The packages however,are getting lost very rare and we are always investigating into the matter according the official procedures.If indeed package is lost,will either replace the content of refund the money for the item and shipping cost.

Item that I want is not in stock

Please contact us via contact form on our main page or via and we will manufacture the product for you gladly.The manufacturing time depends on various factors and estimate will be known to you.

Can I order something that is not even mentioned on webpage

Please contact us via contact form on our main page or via and we will consider the order.We had many other items in the past that we can remanufacture if in our capabilities.

Can I combine the shipping cost for multiple purchases  and how do I do that

Please contact us via contact form on our main page or via and we will establish the package cost and let you know the exact shipping cost.We always combine the shipping to avoid high shipping cost.
if you purchase the items with shopping basket and shipping cost is automatically added and you are paying with Paypal,please contact us for the refund of extra shipping cost.Don´t worry about how much you paid,your investment is safe with us and extra will be refunded back.
We do not live of shipping cost as some companies do,in our opinion that is very unfair.Just the cost of shipping that will be left in the post office.